Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sad Then Happy Tail(s)

This little cat and dog were found wandering lost and wounded in Tralee around Christmas time. They had both been deliberately scalded, according to the vet. The dog kept licking the cat's wounds. The two were brought to a wonderful rescue centre/farm called Animal Heaven Animal Rescue (AHAR) - see www.ahar.ie and also Facebook. When anyone tried to separate them, they screamed blue murder so the vet had to examine them together. They've been called Bonnie (the cat) and Clyde (the dog). At first AHAR couldn't get them adopted because no one wanted a cat and a dog and the centre had decided they had to go together. But now, after coverage in the Irish media - front page of the Irish Examiner - offers are pouring in. So happy ending! (And we won't even think of what kind of cretins would injure animals and abandon them like that. Monsters walk the earth in human form.)

Friday, January 18, 2013

The New Poor in Ireland

Video: Film-maker reveals Ireland’s new poor relying on soup kitchens via @independent_ie

So much for the government's propaganda that things are improving. "A soup kitchen in every town and city" is our future, says this humanitarian. Thanks to our politicians, bankers, developers, the IMF and the Central Bank. Sad indeed.  

Monday, January 07, 2013


Wishing you all the best for a great 2013. Only three resolutions this year (I'm a believer in such things): 1) no chocolate for the month of January - nearly caved a few days ago and was saved by the fact that the last of the orange chocolate segments in the fridge had been eaten by Finn who has made no such resolution as she still has her waistline 2) NO MORE LOTTERY TICKETS - I announced this at the customer service desk of Tesco after being told my last two tickets had won me naught. People around me cheered and jeered, the manager looked cross (do they get a commission?) and I was heard to quote that I call it a tax on the poor and a friend of mine calls it a tax on the stupid 3) a walk every day - little or long - along with Chi Gong and yoga stretches. Patchy to date but nonetheless in evidence which is a good start. Good luck all of you with your own resolutions if you have them. Sure why not, test of character and all that. A radio dj announced proudly he had managed to get through the day so far without a bag of crisps (potato chips for you North Americans)and you had to feel for him. Meanwhile, here's a pic of me at the Gateway of India in Mumbai (formerly Bonmbay)not long after my 60th birthday last month. I was in India for three weeks over November/December and arrived back on the 17th in time to hurl myself into Christmas. More about that anon.