Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I don't usually jump on bandwaggons but I'm happily clambering onto this one. Firstly I saw the film. Absolutely brilliant piece of work. Deserved the Oscar it won this year. The graphics are exquisite, the true story is inspiring, and most of all the man himself is a joy to meet. A gentle soul, a boddhisattva. Those scenes of him walking through the snow in Detroit ... And then there's the music. I've bought both albums Cold Fact and Coming From Reality and I listen to them compulsively. Caught myself singing "I Wonder" a few times. He's the real McCoy. Unlike so many 'of the people' folk-singers who were really middle-class kids who never did a hard day's work in their life (Bob Dylan comes to mind), Rodriguez worked at hard labour for most of his life. Aside from America's failure to recognise his talent - I put it down to his Latino name, he wouldn't have been considered 'a true American' at the time - there's also the question of where his money went given that he was a major star in South Africa and very big in Australia as well (unbeknownst to himself!)That's the music industry for you. Like the publishing industry these days, they eat their young.If you haven't seen the film or heard the music, you are missing something wonderful!

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i will check out his music on itunes and maybe download a tune or two.

Big Dog