Friday, May 17, 2013


As with books, I tend to find great films long after everyone else. Hey, I march to my own drummer. Just watched this one last week and kept texting Finn with "omigod I love this movie." Of course it got panned by the critics. (So did The Bodyguard when it first came out, though everybody seems to have forgotten that. I remember because I loved it from the get-go and couldn't believe the negative reaction to it.) Now I'm not saying that my naval background didn't have some influence on my utter enjoyment of it. Men do look so good in uniform, especially dress whites. Rihanna was also cute as a button and downplayed her role beautifully for a big star. Couldn't understand what the leading man was saying half the time in his sexy gravelly voice but who cares. Is his name really 'Kitsch'? (you couldn't make this stuff up). But BEST OF ALL were the real-life  war veterans. I thought I was going to cry. They looked so proud of themselves and they walked so proudly right into that film, it was great. As far as I can tell, each wore a cap naming the ship he served on and the war he survived. Kudos to the director for such inspired and inspiring film-making in the middle of pure entertainment. And all the visual references to the game, including the weapons the aliens used, were absolutely hilarious as well as ingenious.If you can make a blockbuster from a Las Vegas attraction - Pirates of the Carribean - why not a classic board game? God, the poh-faced critics ... Drop some lead on them, Skipper!

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