Tuesday, May 07, 2013

International Day of Forgiveness?

I was thinking this morning about how I like to hold on to a grudge or a resentment, even a jolly good hate. It takes a huge amount of effort to change my mind, to stop demonising the other person, to try and understand why they are like they are or just to let them be that way and move on. It always strikes me that while I am refusing to change, at the same time I wonder why the world is such a mess and why our leaders have to react, retaliate, invade and war. But how can I expect others to change when I won't? Is it possible that the amount of aggression each of us individually nurses in our heart is adding to and even feeding the amount of aggression on our planet? Is it possible that by resenting our parents or children, keeping that grudge against ex-friends and ex-partners, holding that resentment against neighbours, employers or employees, colleagues, the unhelpful guy at the counter ... we are actually aiding and abetting the massacres, the bombings, the genocide, the wars?

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Anonymous said...

Not only is it possible, it's true.