Wednesday, July 17, 2013


In keeping with my tradition of discovering things long after everyone else, I've just finished watching the complete series of LOST. Watched the ending twice. Wept buckets twice. Not since Star Trek (all of them), Buffy the Vampire Slayer and House MD have I been so captivated by a television series. I was prepared to go anywhere with them - into the past, the future, sideways, crazyville, schmaltz, wherever. Loved every minute. Favourite things included: every moment involving Terry O'Quinn (aka John Locke and the Smoke Monster), strong women characters, people talking Latin (linguam latinam dico), Hurley, constant headwreck surprises, Bernard and Rose, Vincent, multilingualism, Ben's incredibly complex character, the fact they had an attractive - in every way - Iraqi character (but we're supposed to believe that Said would take that blond bimbo instead of his brave, beautiful wife into the Hereafter?!) , the big Egyptian statue, the weather (I am convinced the island was somewhere off the west coast of Ireland, where else does it rain so much?), priceless one liners such as "I don't believe in a lot of things but I believe in duct tape," and of course Sawyer's nicknames for everyone, his relationship with Juliette, his detective role, his comment on Lapidus being "out of a Burt Reynolds movie" - oh what the heck everything about Sawyer. Things I disliked: seems the chief role for women is child-bearing while men alternately ruin or save the world, Jack tearing up at every moment (I'm on for men showing feelings but even a woman tearing up that much would cause me to say "suck it back, wuss!"), Jack being the main hero of the show (my LEAST favourite self-righteous self-tormenting royal pain in the ass character), the mythology of the island - seriously lame including that hokey golden well of light, the fact no one seems to think just killing 'the bad guy' - who was much less of a prick than Jacob - is the answer to everything: why not redeem him? why not 'fix him' Jack? Smokey had very good reasons for turning out like he did. His fake mother killed his real mother and his real mother's people, and then his horrible brother threw him into the golden well and turned him into a monster. All he ever wanted originally was to leave the island! What really struck me throughout the series was how mindlessly brutal most of the people were - the Dharma Initiative people, the Others, Widmore and his people, the fake mother of Jacob, and Jacob as well as his brother. The only people who seemed capable of any real or consistent human kindness and compassion were the flawed people of Oceanic 815. Weird.

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