Sunday, July 21, 2013

No Incentives in Ireland to Use Wind Energy

One of the fascinating things about this short documentary is the news that Ireland fails to support a cheaper, more energy efficient and environmentally friendly source of electricity despite the fact that we are the best country in Europe geographically to exploit wind energy. The expert here points out that the biggest supplier of electricity in Ireland - the semi-state body ESB - uses fossils fuels, in particular, expensive, foreign-bought heavily polluting COAL to produce electricity! Having recently done my income tax, I can tell you that my electricity bill doubled from last year to this, despite the fact I was working 5 days a week away from home!!! The documentary points out that Ireland has refused to offer any kind of incentive such as grants or lower tariffs to those using wind turbines. Does this make any sense? No. (Film by Kathleen Weir)


Unknown said...
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Dear OR,

Huge, huge longtime fan. My best friend and I took a roadtrip to Lac Bras d'Or last year and we wrote you a letter about it. Is there a mailing address I can send it to?


OR Melling said...

Hello, delighted to hear you enjoy my books and you visited Lac Bras d'Or (from The Book of Dreams, eh?). You can post me letters care of my agent whose address is on my website: - click on CONTACT. Or feel free to email it using my website email also available in the CONTACT section. Looking forward to hearing your story. Right now I am in Outer Mongolia so won't be able to respond for a while. OR