Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Me and a Temee (camel)

Well, as you can see from this first pic I wasn't quite sure I had the courage to get on a camel. It was Steve who basically told me to suck it up and do it. He had the right tone of voice despite no command background in the armed services, lol. I was really lucky to be able to join him and his wife, Annie, on their three-day expedition to the ancient site of Kharkorum which included staying in a ger camp for two nights out under the Mongolian stars (still dream about that), loads of time to explore the ancient monastery of Erdenzuu and then this mad attempt to ride camels into the sand dunes with little or no help from our camel guide!!! Canadian Annie is married to American Steve and they live in Colorado. I have added them to my list of enviably-happily-married couples (it never seems to exceed 10, includes one gay couple, and shrinks or expands depending on the inevitable vicissitudes of connubial life). Photos taken by either Steve or Annie.