Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Stand with Tibet

Please go to this site and sign the petition that calls China out on its human rights abuses in Tibet: Now,shortly after this is posted my webmaster will contact me and ask "are you writing about Tibet again? You're under cyber-attack from China." It's always a petty onslaught and doesn't get past the firewalls, but proves the general suspicion that China employs a vast number of poorly paid personnel to trawl and troll the Internet as it tries to clamp down on any criticism of its regime. Totalitarian capitalism - short of Naziism, the world's worst nightmare. And of course the West is too busy kissing China's financial butt to stand up for what's right. There are fewer than 20% Mongols in the population of their homeland, Inner Mongolia, after Chinese invasion and settlement. Mongolian language, culture and religions (Tibetan Buddhism and shamanism) have been all but wiped out. Tibet will suffer the same fate if the world does nothing.