Sunday, December 15, 2013

Article in the Irish Independent's Halycon Magazine

Was thrilled to see that the article I wrote for the Indo was given a two-page spread with a huge photograph taking up one whole page! That's Rinpoche and myself with a nomadic family in the Gobi.The other photograph is from my naval days. The title of the piece is "ALWAYS READY FOR A BIG ADVENTURE" and it was published December 12. You can read the full text online here: There's a funny story about me involving a sand dune, a camel and a vulture.

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Ladyhawke said...

What an inspiring article. Though you sometimes leave me breathless, you also remind me that travelling is ageless healing. There's nothing like adventure to get the heart pounding and lungs exploding with laughter, even when you're picking yourself out of the sand. Happy Holidays from the West Coast of Canada!