Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Petition to Support Irish Ballet

Here is a photo of the elegant Monica Loughman, Ireland's prima ballerina, who has established a national ballet company in this country so other young girls will not have to leave their home - as she did (for Russia!) - to learn classical ballet. In light of the fact that Irish contemporary dance receives an outrageously higher amount of funding than classical ballet - 25 million to 1 million! - she has drawn up a petition to the Minister of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. Here is the website with all you need to support this worthy cause: www.monicaloughman.com. And do please pass the information on.


rosebudwatson said...

Seeing this reminds me of your friend at Loretto, she was a major mentor in my life, her strength and tireless practice, I think about her often weird I know,

OR Melling said...

She has the same name as you - Rosemary. We've been in touch! (I owe her an email. You've given me the nudge now.) And she checks out my blogs from time to time so she just might see your comment. I didn't know she was a mentor of yours. That's brill.

Anonymous said...

She was a ghost mentor as I doubt she even knew I existed, but I loved her passion and dedication