Thursday, February 27, 2014

Big Wave Surfers

I was in Jampa Ling last weekend for the bi-annual Work Weekend that had us preparing the organic garden for spring planting. The head gardener was thrilled with us as we completed the weekend's work in the first day and carried on regardless! Beds were cleared and manured, weeds pulled, stones removed, and shed cleaned. The speed of our work was entirely due to the Herculean labours of three young men from the west of Ireland (two originally from Cornwall but now living in Co. Clare). Aside from being great craic, with tremendous enthusiasm and work ethic, they turned out to be professional surfers of the big waves. Here's a fabulous website that covers some of what they do: (One of them is also a sailor.) I'm as green as the sea at the life they live! But I don't begrudge them. This gorgeous photo is from their site and I assume was taken by the amazing Mickey Smith, surfer, photographer, and film-maker.

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