Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Drop Some Lead on 'em!

Finn came home from sea for a few days, before heading back to college in Cork, so we decided to finally have a go at the great Christmas present her boyfriend gave me: Battleship with chocolate pieces! (Inspired.) He knew I loved the film but didn't know I had also played the game as an Officer Cadet wayyyy back in the 1970s in the Gunroom of the HMCS Cape Breton, fondly called "the Fred," docked in Esquimalt, B.C. (Note: Wardroom for senior officers, Gunroom for midshipmen/officer cadets). At first I was really pounding Finn, getting those chocolates fast as I took her battleships, cruisers, patrol boats and aircraft carriers. I had cleverly figured out that she was calling out spaces for me which were, in fact, near her own positions. But once she copped that, I was back to guessing. Suddenly she took off, nailing my positions and blasting me out of the water. Ship after ship sank like a stone. And I couldn't fathom how I was missing her. There were huge areas of empty sea on her side. When my last ship was lost with all hands on board, she revealed her strategies, my brilliant daughter. Firstly, she had set up her fleet in periwinkle formation, the majority clumped together in one spot with just a few random vessels here and there to keep me from realising that the bulk of the fleet was together. Ingenious evil marine scientist thinking. And how did she get me? She assumed I had gone for "random" placement - which I had - and she knew this meant I would avoid straight lines and place my pieces diagonally. Apparently and crazily this is what people think is random. Once she got a hit, she struck out diagonally and I was creamed. Evil scientist daughter.

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