Sunday, June 29, 2014

Skellig Michael

A boat took us from Valentia Island to Skellig Michael. How to describe such an incredible experience? Transcendant. Hundreds of stone steps lead up a sharp incline to the stone monastery hanging on the side of a cliff on an island in the Atlantic. To think of the monks living here over a thousand years ago, praying, chanting, ekeing out a living - fish, puffins, gannets, and whatever they could grow. As well as the monastic magic, it was nesting season for the puffins. No longer hunted, they walk around happily. The cutest things! And after the visit to the island (several hours of bliss on a beautiful sunny day), the boat took us around Skellig Beag (Little Skellig) which homes the second largest gannet colony in the world - 25,000 mating pairs! White birds with golden heads, an island that no human sets foot on: the Palace of the Birds, ringing with song. I'll post some more shots later.