Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Still Navigating Dark Seas

This be a longer journey than most but here's something I wrote a while back after waking in the middle of the night: What do you do when your world is falling apart? When you see the chaos coming? When you are assailed by worries about your child's safety? Your finances? Your future? You accept the truth. In all its stark horror. That there is no security, no safety, no permanence. We live on the edge of catastrophe every day of our lives. Once we accept this - and push past the terror - we can reach a state of calm. And we can begin to love. Love all around us. Be kind. Be gentle. Love people, animals, plants, insects. Love every second that we live and breathe. Cherish every moment that we are here. For this life is a 'brief sojourn' between two great mysteries:from where we came and to where we go. We don't need to live a big life ... only a life with a big heart.


Anonymous said...

Are you okay?

OR Melling said...

Hanging in. Sometimes it's a white knuckle job. Other times I'm fine. Rising and falling is the best description but then c'est la vie.

Mary Sky said...

Hi there. Just came across your blog.. As I was searching for things to do in Borneo???
As you do!!!
I will be going there in November and interested in healing/shamanism etcetera. Am a healer, mother, nurse, woman, lover.... Irish too... Traveller, Explorer. My Web site is
Have a browse. Any info you can give me would be a help. A direction. Person. People.. I live in Cork. You????
Mary sky

Have wanted to go to Borneo since I first heard about it in school when I was about 10.....

O.R. Melling said...

Hi Mary, will answer you when I get home. Still in Spain recovering from that 'long walk.' LOL