Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Camino Lists

Things I have lost on the Camino: 1) miscellaneous bag with clothes pegs, contact lens, and other items I haven´t discovered gone yet 2) my deodorant (not good in this heat wave) 3) rain cover for backpack (DISASTER). Things I have discarded: 1) blue leggings 2) sandals 3) orange survival bag (after Pyrenees, as promised to Finn) 4) footie socks. Uses for orange survival bag that Finn made me bring: 1) ground sheet to sit on when having picnics ("the orange sofa") 2) yoga mat 3) lining for backpack after it got soaked in the Pyrenees because I lost the raincover (sigh). I now call my pack "The Rock." It´s particularly heavy towards the end of the day and in the heat. Can feel like a dead body back there!