Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Day on the Road

Here's a great shot of the loooooonnnnnng road ahead. I was walking with three Scandinavians for several days - Louise from Denmark and two Swedish sisters, Anne-Marie and Annika (who lives in Vancouver and has a Canadian husband and kids). Had a wonderful time with all three. Shared a delicious meal cooked by the sisters - blue cheese and peppers pimiento and green salad to start, then spaghetti for the main course. I brought the wine and broken chocolate (handmade)from a chocolateria. My God, do the Spanish know how to make sweets. I first met Annika and Anne-Marie walking from Trinidad de Arre to Pamplona. Days (weeks?) later I met them again in Lorca (where we picked up Louise) and we walked together to Los Arcos and then on to Logronos. How funny it is that a 20-minute walk in normal life can seem too long - where's the bus? where's my car? - but on this kind of pilgrimage you walk across an entire country and it feels right!