Sunday, January 31, 2016

Getting Things Done

Remember that hilarious character in Dead Like Me whom the main girl stayed with for a time? I think she was her supervisor at work. She had a blog or website that showed her "getting things done" each day. Her followers shared her delight as each item got ticked off. So, here's my list for today: 1) tidy house to stop it sliding into irredeemable chaos 2) wash bookshelves which have been emptied of books - now lying all over floors of living room and kitchen and trailing up the stairs, hence #1 - to prepare for PAINTING nxt week 3) shop for groceries & buy lined pad for #4 4) ***read over producer's contract for film deal of The Hunter's Moon and make notes for skype with agent's lawyer tomorrow*** 5) make carrot and ginger soup for lunch at skule tomorrow 6) email Jampa Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre about volunteer work for Work Weekend coming up in April 7) email - en espanol - Asociaciones de Amigos del Camino de Santiago en Espana to tell them I cannot make the training session in April (flight too expensive) and request to go a week early in summer to train in the albergue in which I would be volunteering as an hospitalera 8) email photos of Zen Buddhist Retreat I did yesterday to Luisne Spirituality Centre for their newsletter (volunteer there too) 9) email the Pushkin Trust in Northern Ireland about the days I will be presenting writing workshops to school children in Baronscourt, Co. Tyrone. I think that's all of it. Helps to list it. Better get my skates on. I need a clone. :6

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mourning Alan Rickman

I was already sad over David Bowie's passing but Alan Rickman going was a total knock-me-down. I have always loved this actor in everything he did, including this sexiest of all videos. Have to say it's only now that I noticed the little 'twist in the tale' at the end of the video which is a brilliant challenge to conventional perception. Most, if not all, of us assume that the older man is the one who owns the chauffered-driven car and is rich and famous and being chased by paparazzi. But no, at the end Rickman gets out of the car, grabs a shabby-looking backpack and enters a rather down-at-heel apartment building. She drives off in the car. Alors, she is the rich and famous one and he is the kept man! Very amusing.