Sunday, January 31, 2016

Getting Things Done

Remember that hilarious character in Dead Like Me whom the main girl stayed with for a time? I think she was her supervisor at work. She had a blog or website that showed her "getting things done" each day. Her followers shared her delight as each item got ticked off. So, here's my list for today: 1) tidy house to stop it sliding into irredeemable chaos 2) wash bookshelves which have been emptied of books - now lying all over floors of living room and kitchen and trailing up the stairs, hence #1 - to prepare for PAINTING nxt week 3) shop for groceries & buy lined pad for #4 4) ***read over producer's contract for film deal of The Hunter's Moon and make notes for skype with agent's lawyer tomorrow*** 5) make carrot and ginger soup for lunch at skule tomorrow 6) email Jampa Ling Tibetan Buddhist Centre about volunteer work for Work Weekend coming up in April 7) email - en espanol - Asociaciones de Amigos del Camino de Santiago en Espana to tell them I cannot make the training session in April (flight too expensive) and request to go a week early in summer to train in the albergue in which I would be volunteering as an hospitalera 8) email photos of Zen Buddhist Retreat I did yesterday to Luisne Spirituality Centre for their newsletter (volunteer there too) 9) email the Pushkin Trust in Northern Ireland about the days I will be presenting writing workshops to school children in Baronscourt, Co. Tyrone. I think that's all of it. Helps to list it. Better get my skates on. I need a clone. :6


ensupertired said...

The Hunter's Moon is being optioned/going to be a film?! Oh my beating heart please let it be so.

Unknown said...

I think I may have just stopped breathing for a second... this would be amazing but really could any movie really paint images as wonderful as the ones we have painted in our minds after reading and rereading this novel for years n years now? I'm 28 now have been reading The Hunter's Moon annually since I was a little girl and I still dream of Burial Mounds, Faerie balls and magic lol.