Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mourning Alan Rickman

I was already sad over David Bowie's passing but Alan Rickman going was a total knock-me-down. I have always loved this actor in everything he did, including this sexiest of all videos. Have to say it's only now that I noticed the little 'twist in the tale' at the end of the video which is a brilliant challenge to conventional perception. Most, if not all, of us assume that the older man is the one who owns the chauffered-driven car and is rich and famous and being chased by paparazzi. But no, at the end Rickman gets out of the car, grabs a shabby-looking backpack and enters a rather down-at-heel apartment building. She drives off in the car. Alors, she is the rich and famous one and he is the kept man! Very amusing.

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Unknown said...

Yea I loved that video too and Texas! Brokenhearted by both David Bowie and Alan Rickman. I love them in The Man Who Fell to Earth and Sense and Sensibility, respectively :)