Sunday, February 21, 2016

Anti-Water Protest Dublin February 20

So here's me (frizzy blonde) setting off with my sister Geni, her husband Paddy, my brother-in-law James and his daughter Elise for the last big march against water charges and austerity before the election next week. And the second pic shows Sharon Briggs, running for the People Before Profit party in my riding in Bray. She'll be getting my number 1. We were about an hour at the Garden of Remembrance waiting for the thousands to come down Parnell Square. The numbers were amazing. I couldn't see the beginning ahead of me nor the end behind me. When we turned at Christ Church and headed for Dame Street we could see down the side streets to where thousands more were marching who hadn't reached the turn yet! A fantastic feeling of democracy in action. I felt I was back in the 70s when people knew they could influence the ruling elites. I couldn't believe the Irish Times reporting "several thousand" attended. Why do the media need to lie? Or is it simply that they are so lazy they don't even investigate and just repeat what the powers-that-be tell them. I knew the Irish Independent is nothing more than a mouthpiece for its owner Denis O'Brien but I've now lost all respect for the IT as well.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Annegret Soltau

When I was researching the history of collage for my Art & Design course, I came across this amazing German artist. Her work can be unsettling in the best kind of way, i.e. art that gives you a shake and makes you wake up and think! She's a feminist - so am I, it's not a dirty word, nothing new with the haters both male and female (have never understood the latter, as they enjoy the benefits of feminism while objecting to it). One day I will travel to see an exhibition of hers. Something new added to the bucket list. Meanwhile wasn't I surprised to discover that Braque and Picasso were the first two to use collage and contrary to my initial opinion that it's a pretty useless chocolate box kiddie art form it has had a long and respectable history challenging elite high art establishments, governments and other power structures, fashion, conventional art forms and so on. Okay, now I'm interested.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

So About That List

Re blog post below. Finn reminded me the character's name was Dolores. She was a hoot. And here it is Tuesday and I have ticked off everything on the list except cleaning the shelves. That can wait until painting. I'm amazed at how much I did get done on Sunday - cheers Dolores! - with just the emails left for yesterday and today. Now I'm going to take a well deserved rest and watch Cinema Paradiso which a school chum lent to me.