Monday, February 15, 2016

Annegret Soltau

When I was researching the history of collage for my Art & Design course, I came across this amazing German artist. Her work can be unsettling in the best kind of way, i.e. art that gives you a shake and makes you wake up and think! She's a feminist - so am I, it's not a dirty word, nothing new with the haters both male and female (have never understood the latter, as they enjoy the benefits of feminism while objecting to it). One day I will travel to see an exhibition of hers. Something new added to the bucket list. Meanwhile wasn't I surprised to discover that Braque and Picasso were the first two to use collage and contrary to my initial opinion that it's a pretty useless chocolate box kiddie art form it has had a long and respectable history challenging elite high art establishments, governments and other power structures, fashion, conventional art forms and so on. Okay, now I'm interested.

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Unknown said...

Annegret Soltau is a very interesting and gifted German artist! Have a look on what she does - try it via Google-search! Helga